Shoe profile and description

1. Special system allows the inflow of fresh air into the shoe and reduces the sweating of the foot.

2. Aired shock absorber.

3. Heel stabilizer prevents the foot deformation.

4. The polyurethane layer provides comfortable walk and reduces the pressure on the foot when walking downwards.
5. Anatomically designed insole

6. Anatomic insole prevents the shoe from twisting

7. Wedge-shaped heel prevents slips when walking downwards on any terrain.

8. Soft inner lining.

9. Ribbed profile for an optimal cling of the sole.

10. The edge of the sole prevents any mechanical damages to the leather and increases stability during walk.

11. Water-repulsive cotton fibre.

12. Optimal button hooks for an optimal tying of the shoelaces.

13. Hook system for an optimal tying of the shoe laces around the ankle.

14. The hooks provide an ideal tongue position.

15. Soft tongue enables breathing and proper poise of the foot when walking.