The materials (leather, lining, haberdashery, laces, etc.) correspond to our production standards. This is consistently checked by means of testing procedures. When combined, these materials form a complete product, providing comfort in all weather conditions and at the same time ensuring our customers safe and comfortable walk.

1. AIR-TEX membrane

It is a significant innovation in PLANIKA TREKKING footwear. Each testing of the AIR-TEX membrane has shown great results. It even precedes the quality in some features of those membranes which have been used so far. The AIR-TEX membrane is a polyurethane (PU) membrane that prevents the possibility of water entering into the footwear and at the same time provides air permeability. The quality of the AIR-TEX membranes is proven by the following arguments:

The materials are tested in a consistent manner before and during the production. The materials are completely compatible in the individual parts of the footwear, thus the AIR-TEX membrane is perfectly combined with the quality hydrophobic exterior materials. The latter must be produced and also tested in a consistent manner, since only in this way can we offer the customers a suitable product. Such conformed materials will comply with high norms provided by the standards for providing water resistance and air permeability of the footwear from our line collection. Planika’s tradition provides persistence in all weather conditions. Even the professional users will enjoy the comfort of the PLANIKA TREKKING footwear.

The AIR-TEX membrane is completely watertight. Every stitched lining is made in a shape of a sock (bootie) and is extra welded by a special ribbon, which provides water tightness of the lining. Furthermore, it is important to take into consideration the above-mentioned norms for other materials integrated into our products, since only as a whole can they provide a top-level product. Not even a single drop of water will be able to penetrate through the compact structure of the membrane. Your feet will remain warm and dry.

The pores in the AIR-TEX membrane provide not only water tightness, but also air permeability or sweat evaporation, which gives an optimal microclimate in the shoe. This is a very important factor in terms of feet comfort while wearing the shoes.

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Soles, made of rubber, provide great adhesion and minimum wear at the same time. The greater weight and hardness are the basic features of these soles.

With soles, made of rubber and polyurethane, the walking area consists of rubber, while the intermediate sole is made of polyurethane, thus making it lighter and softer. Because of these two features polyurethane soothes the disturbing performance of the lining to the foot.

With this type of soles the walking area consists of rubber, while the intermediate sole is made of EVA material. This material has similar characteristics as the PU – it is light, soft and it enables different levels of sole’s hardness.

Represents a new material used for soles in new Planika Trekking models – lighter hiking footwear. Its main features are: good adhesion, wear resistance, different types of hardness and optional recycling. The lower surface of the soles from TPU is harder, while the intermediate sole is softer.


Our knowledge and our longstanding experience enabled us to develop comfortable shoe lasts for the PLANIKA TREKKING footwear. These lasts help the shoes cling to your feet much better and they also provide a safe walk. The lasts differ according to the intended use of the footwear. The valuable feedback obtained from the professional mountain rescue servicemen, maintenance staff, as well as from the amateur users, helped us develop a perfect product that meets all the requirements of alpinism, hiking, urban usage or merely a lighter recreation in outdoors or indoors.


PLANIKA TREKKING footwear is strictly made of high-quality, durable, air and water resistant materials, since they are impregnated and hydrophobic. The impregnation provides superficial water resistance, while the hydrophobia provides water resistance throughout the entire leather surface.


Some of the PLANIKA TREKKING models are made of artificial materials combined with leather. Cordura is very durable and ventilated, making it an optimal choice for people, who will wear our shoes particularly during the Summer months.


We used the air-permeable foam to create the inner linings, particularly for the heel and tongue stabilizer. Our foam breathes and does not seal the air or moisture inlet in comparison with similar materials.


Inlay soles in the Planika Trekking footwear are anatomically designed and made of material which rapidly absorbs and discharges moisture. Inlay soles are extra thickened in the heel area to provide greater comfort. All inlay soles are made of an anti-bacteriological material.