It is recommended that you properly prepare your footwear before the first use, especially, if you are going to expose it to the external impact. The footwear is already protected; however, the means of protection and care are vaporizable. Therefore, the alluvium must be applied periodically.

With a proper care your footwear will safeguard its initial characteristics for a longer period of time:

  1. Water-resistance of your footwear eventually disappears and then it must be restored;
  2. Your footwear will remain air-permeable;
  3. ohranila se bosta oblika in izgled, saj je večji del obutve iz usnja, kateremu je sčasoma potrebno povrniti vsebnost maščobe.

It is recommended that you also select the proper means of care when buying the footwear.

Footwear maintenance and care procedures:

  • First, remove the inlay soles (unless they are glued), then dry and air them.
  • Remove the shoe laces before waxing or lubricating.
  • Mechanically remove the filth by using tepid water and a brush. Remove the little stones from the soles.
  • Clean the inside of your footwear by using a wet wipe or a brush. In this way, the footwear will not be damaged. However, you must dry the footwear for a longer period of time.
    When drying the footwear, do not expose it directly to the sun or any other heating body, because the wet leather is sensitive to heat and can become stiffer, while its surface can chap. If the footwear has a wet lining, fill it with a newspaper. That will suck up a lot of moisture. Dry footwear with an integrated stretcher will remain in its initial shape for a longer period of time.
  • Before drying it completely, the leather has an open pores and that is where you sprinkle it with an impregnation agent, which is absorbed deep in the leather. Textile materials must be maintained with sprinklers and the leather must be handled with lubricating cream or waxes.
    The leather requires regular maintenance with a lubricating cream or a wax. This will reanimate the look, and the leather will be softer and full. Do not heat the wax when using it on the membrane footwear, because it can be absorbed to deeply. It will fill up the pores in the membrane and therefore deteriorate the aeration of the footwear.
  • When using lubricating cream or wax on the leather with polished surface (split leather, velure, nubuck, etc.), the appearance of the surface changes, the leather darkens and it achieves smoother look. The look can be disturbing; however, this is a completely normal phenomenon. We restored the leather its required grease and thus increased its durability.
    Metal haberdashery can be protected against the external influences by using wax or vaseline. It can be cleaned by polishing.