In all these years, full of positive and negative factors, which have affected the development of the production facility and its surroundings in Turnišče in one way or another, the company has become one of the most recognised ones in this part of Europe, notably because of the employees’ affiliation to the company and because of the great knowledge that has been put in the production of the most difficult types of technologies and footwear.

After concluding a successful sale of the production facility Planika Turnišče by the general invitations to tender on 26 August 2005, the company was registered in December 2005. The production facility was sold to a German company MEINDL G.m.b.H on 21 September 2005 by an agreement.
Meindl G.m.b.H. has joined forces with Planika Turnišče many years ago. Since then, both companies have been successfully working together. Meindl G.m.b.H. has been developing and producing the top-quality Trekking and Protect footwear for different purposes in Planika Turnišče for many years now.

Besides producing footwear for foreign trademarks, we have been intensively monitoring the innovations in this segment of footwear and production. Moreover, we have combined these innovations with the development and technical innovations of our own footwear trademark known as PLANIKA TREKKING and PLANIKA PROTECT, which have been a synonym for quality, tradition and recognition by our customers for many years.

The products from Planika Trekking and Planika Protect line collection are of high quality and made from the most suitable and quality materials, which are selected in the initial phase of line preparation and model development.