Company’s History

The beginnings of Planika – facility Turnišče go way back, more than fifty years ago. The most important milestones in the history of the company are the following:

A facility was established in Turnišče inside Planika, which started to operate in 1953 and was established by merging the town shoe shop in Kranj and the footwear industry (60 employed workers, 50 pairs per day or 20.000 pairs of casual and sports footwear a year)

There were 130 employed workers; the annual production was 70.000 pairs of footwear.

The production facility in Turnišče was separated from Planika and commenced its operations as an independent factory known as Inlo (light footwear factory).

The factory went bankrupt, because it didn’t have the qualified professional technical staff and it didn’t research the market. After the factory in Turnišče had been liquidated, Planika Kranj took the management of the facility under its control.  At that time, 90 workers were employed, producing 105.000 pairs of footwear a year, especially labour and sports footwear.

Was a significant breaking point for Planika and consequently for the facility in Turnišče. That year, Planika started to cooperate with the German sports footwear manufacturer Adidas in producing sports footwear for the company. Most of the development and production for the well-recognised partner emerged right in the facility Turnišče.

There were 160 employed workers; the annual production was 217,000 pairs of footwear. That year, a new factory in Turnišče was about to emerge.

A new factory in Turnišče commenced its production. There were 230 employed workers in the factory. The annual production was 318.000 pairs of footwear; the most of it was produced for Adidas, while the part of the production was intended as a civil program of PLANIKA KRANJ for its own needs.

There were 523 employees, the total annual production was 900.000 pairs of footwear.

There were 552 employed workers, and for the first time in the history of the company, more than 1.000.000 pairs of footwear was produced, especially in the sports and hiking department.

There were 813 employed workers. The company also started cooperating with many European partners, such as Meindl, Uvex, La fuma, etc.

Adidas ceased to cooperate with Planika, which was a big blow for the employees in Turnišče and their future.

There were 711 employed workers. The number of employees started to decline as a result of the market recession. The latter had a great affect on the procurements and the production volume in the facility Turnišče. Since 1997 Planika has been organised as a joint-stock company.

31 august 1998
The company bankrupted by a composition. 426 employees continued working in the facility.

The reorganization of the company began. At that time, there were 568 employees.

There were 542 employed workers. That year, the number of procurements from our largest buyers significantly decreased, which lead to insufficient procurement for the facility Turnišče and for the employees in that facility.

The number of employees decreased according to the program of the permanent technological surpluses. At the end of the year there were 391 employees. Annual production was 471.000 pairs of footwear in 2003.

There were 387 employed workers, annual production was 240.000 pairs of footwear. November 2004 – the bankruptcy of PLANIKA KRANJ.

There were 250 employed workers; on 23 December 2005, all employees in PLANIKA KRANJ received the termination of employment. The company was under receivership.

242 employed workers started producing shoes in a newly established Planika Turnišče, Ltd. They were employed for an indefinite period of time. Today, most of the production is working for Meindl and for its own trademarks, PLANIKA TREKKING and PLANIKA PROTECT.